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 CVT Technology


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CVT technology is a bundle of DSRC-based capabilities and electronic technologies and information that provides a platform for sharing the information among vehicles and road-side equipment. Connected vehicle communication system which is based on the CVT technology provides various services including safety, traffic control and commercial services. This system’s communication methods are classified into two groups:

  1. Vehicle to vehicle communications (V2V)
  2. Vehicle to infrastructure communications(V2I)

V2I applications include:

  • Electronic Toll Collection
  • Emergency and public vehicle prioritization
  • Vehicle tracking and traffic information collection
  • Sidetrack to main road vehicle arrival warning
  • Blind-spot traffic information dissemination
  • Road information dissemination including traffic restrictions and meteorological phenomenon

 V2V applications include:

  • Emergency brake warning
  • Emergency vehicle warning
  • Accidence occurrence warning using the OBUs ahead and RSUs

In the figure below the overall view of the connected vehicle system has been depicted. The figure describes that if the CVT equipment have been installed the vehicles will broadcast their information to other vehicles in their adjacency and also to the RSUs and this information will eventually be sent to the CCR in order to be used in traffic management.