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 The Application of Information and Communication Technology to Increase the Road Safety from the ITU Viewpoint


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The international telecommunication union (ITU) is the professional representative of the United Nation in information and communication technology. This institute is responsible for the radio frequency band dedication, satellite orbits, protocols standardization and ICT development worldwide. ITU strongly believes that, it is capable of connecting all people around the world, and it also will protect the people’s right to use the communication facilities.

Being a member of ITU provides opportunities for non-parallel networking through the most brilliant talents of various industries all around the world, the governments’ representatives of 192 countries, legislators, pioneer university-affiliated institutes and about 700 private companies. It also provides the members with an amazing opportunity to have direct interactions with the decision-makers of the global ICT and the respective standards.

This report aims to depict the significance of the ICT applications specifically CVT, considering the international organizations’ viewpoints, ITU in particular.