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 The necessity of business model evolution of insurance companies considering the capabilities of CVT


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By emerging the CVT and introducing its applications in improving the road transportation safety during past decade, there has always been a key question that how this technology can be implemented, and how the end users and drivers can benefit from this technology? After several vast technical research done by the research groups in several different countries, and proving the technology’s efficiency in safety message transfer among vehicles and providing the wireless access standards in vehicular environments (IEEE 802.11p) aka WAVE in 2010, the global attempt has been centered around providing the necessary conditions to deploy this technology and using the technology operationally by the governments, automotive manufacturers and stakeholders like management-affiliated organizations and traffic control cooperation. Creating an appropriate business models in various sections and providing the approaches for commercializing the products based on connected vehicle has been a necessity and currently is one of the most important goals of the projects and organizations’ plans and programs.

CVT has got its own activators, for instance automotive industries are seeking the competitive advantages for their products these industries are also attempting to manufacture vehicles with higher safety factors compared to other manufacturers or the electronic industry and information technology, that are seeking to enter the electronic industry of the vehicles and have the idea of providing Internet access in vehicles. Among these industries and organizations the insurance organization had an important role in developing the CVT applications. These organizations have become very influential because they caused public culture improvement in using this technology and also caused various immediate results in traffic mobility and road safety improvement through applying an economic approach.

This report merely aimed to assess the effects of connected vehicle technology on the future of the traffic control and management services in various cities of Iran. Since this technology is new and there is no experience regarding it in Iran, this report mainly presents the relevant issues around the world. The problems and issues can be applied to our own country’s applications. Although the business model of the insurance companies of Iran are different from other countries from the view point of regulations and legal matters, from the view point of technology, they can have the same applications; therefore, it can be effectively improved and developed. In this report a general vision of insurance industry of developed countries regarding vehicles has been briefly discussed, in order to study and generalize the relevant issues in Iran with the aim of reducing the fatalities injuries and damage caused by vehicles accident.