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 The report of comparative study in pioneer countries regarding vehicular communications from the view point of CVT roadmap creation in Iran


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This report is dedicated to a comparative study about CVT in pioneer countries, through focusing on a CVT roadmap creation research. In order to achieve this first, the general concept and definitions of roadmap design then some criteria have been determined in order to choose the target countries to do the research on. Next, those countries will be selected regarding ITS and relevant technologies and the result of the research about the required information resources in each country/region was provided. After surveying and evaluating the achieved documents, eventually America and European Union have been selected as two regions to do the comparative research on. After that the projects and research activities done regarding vehicular communications in those two regions have been surveyed precisely. Next the output of the research has been described in order to be utilized in the process of creating the CVT roadmap in the country.

At the end of the report the lessons learned in general, or the technical points acquired from the activities or projects related to the CVT of Europe or America has been investigated briefly. Eventually a structure for creating the CVT roadmap has been proposed.

In order to see the entire report, please click on the link below.