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 An Introduction to CVT and the Necessity of Employing and Developing this technology in the Country


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Due to rapid urbanization and social, environmental, and economic challenges related to this growth, are the main subjects that policymakers have paid special attention to in all developing countries. It’s been predicted that the world population till 2050 would be increased from 7 billion to 9 billion. So that, till that year the urban population of the world would increase from 3.5 billion to 6.3 billion people as a result of that, the commute and traffic flows will increase more and more. These facts will put much more pressure on the urban routes, highways, roads and transportation system. It also causes serious problems like accidents increase and environmental pollution increase, are inevitable. Issues and problems that cause traffic increase and impose pressure on transportation system can be discussed around these 3 main issues:

Safety: the accidents annually cause 1.3 million deaths and 20-30 million injuries all around the world. The road accidents are the ninth reason of fatality all around the world. If no fundamental activity was done till the year 2030 the road accidents would be ranked as the fifth in the list of fatality reasons of all over the world [1].

Environment: vehicles are the main source of pollution emissions in metropolises. Although most of the industrial sections have been reduced the pollutants due to using the advanced technologies, the pollution emission is being increased in transportation system. It’s been predicted that between 2020 and 2050, the CO2 emitted from the vehicles, will be doubled [2].

Mobility: traffic increase causes the traffic flows to decrease and wastes millions of hours in the traffic bottlenecks. This matter has deterrent effect on the economic and social development of metropolises.

In recent years, the dedicated short range communication (DSRC) development and applying that in cars or public transport has led to innovative solutions and has opened new horizons for the problems solutions. This new technology is called connected vehicle technology and in recent years has become the main aspect of the transportation organizations’ activities in most developed countries.

In this report the CVT is introduced and the necessity of using this technology in the country is discussed as well.


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