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5/24/2019 12:53:58 AM
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According to the published statistics more than 267000 people were killed on the country roads between 1994 and 2008 and nearly 3 million were injured. Road losses in Iran during a ten year period equals to the human losses of the war between Iran and Iraq. The Ministry of Roads and Transportation research center has reported that during the same period, Iran was on top of the list of the road losses in the world. The increase in the problems of urban traffic management, steering vehicles in the roads and heavy financial and human costs of these problems as a big challenge, meanwhile the advances in communication and information technologies as an advantage, necessitates the application of vehicular intelligent communication technologies in the transportation. Studies on the application of ICT in transportation have led to a new area of research called Intelligent Transportation systems (ITS) during the last two decades. The outcomes of these studies in the last decade led the experts of the field to drive the conclusion that achieving the great advantages of ICT in transportation is possible only when supported by a communication platform containing electronic and communication equipments on-board the vehicle and on the roadside and if possible, using the available infrastructure of the public communication network. Thus, by initial agreements between the major automotive industries in the world and the transportation institutes in the US, European Union, Japan and South Korea, the necessity of coordination on using this communication platform has been approved and some standards have been developed in this regard. The implementation of the intelligent vehicle connected technologies will provide the necessary infrastructure for achieving the following outcomes: Improving safety of urban and road transport by communicating warning signs between vehicles, Improving urban and road traffic management by vehicle-to-infrastructure communications, Creating facilities for value-added application services (in areas such as electronic license plates, electronic payment of tolls in special roadways, pollution control